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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Should You Reveal Your Statesville Rental Property’s Hardwood Floors?

Restored Hardwood Flooring in the Kitchen and Living RoomPurchasing a rental home with carpet already installed may result in a great surprise: that carpet may be covering a beautiful hardwood floor. What you need to think about now is whether or not to remove the carpet. There would be property owners that would benefit best with retaining the carpeted floors. It would be a more economical and efficient choice for them. Yet, there are others that would get higher rental income and better tenants if they decide to reveal those hardwood floors. So, do not rush to a decision. Instead, study the pros and cons of exposing your rental property’s hardwood floors.

When choosing between carpet and hardwood flooring in your Statesville rental property, it’s important that you think about some things. Hardwood floors can be an attractive feature in a rental home. They have in them a beauty and durability that few carpets can match. Nevertheless, not all rental homes would benefit from hardwood. So, think about the type of tenant you have, the resale value of the property, the neighborhood, and the cost of preparing and maintaining each flooring type. Make the decision only after you’ve considered these things. Choosing to permanently remove your rental’s carpeting should not be done casually.

Not all tenants would respond to the upgrade of a hardwood floor the same way. There are many tenants that may appreciate the beauty of a hardwood floor, and many of them are conscientious enough that you feel safe giving them the responsibility to keep the floor clean and dry. However, there are those that would only ruin the floor, for instance, tenants with pets and heavy furniture. These can easily scratch or gouge a wood floor and make it look unattractive. Some tenants may prefer hardwood floors for other reasons aside from its beauty. For allergy sufferers, a hard floor surface is easier to keep free of dust than carpet. However, if a tenant doesn’t know how to properly care for hardwood, they could easily damage it with harsh cleaning products or hard scrubbing.

Beyond appearance, rental property owners should use the property’s current value and future value as a basis (at least partly) for their flooring choices. Because value is often influenced by a property’s location and nearby homes, it would be smart to know what flooring the neighboring homes have— whether they feature hardwood or carpet floors. If most of them have carpet, then the initial assumption is that removing yours may not be the best option. On the flip-side, if your neighborhood is undergoing a renewal, perhaps offering the upgrade of a hardwood floor is what would make your rental home more appealing than the competition.

Finally, there are costs you need to account for when thinking about permanently removing your rental home’s carpet.  While you may save on the cost of replacing the carpet every five years, you will have to deal with the additional expenses of removing the carpet and preparing the floor for your tenant. For one, modern hardwood finishes are more durable when compared to the older ones, but there’s a high likelihood that the floor under your rental’s carpet won’t be exactly new.

Lurking beneath a layer of carpet for years didn’t do the hardwood much good, either. So, exposing a hardwood floor would likely require refinishing. And when it’s out, it would then need regular maintenance to make sure it stays in good condition. There are costs involved when you go through this process, and understanding how much this may cost can really help you make the best decision.

After careful consideration and with good information, you would be able to weigh if exposing your rental property’s hardwood floors makes sense for your rental home.

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