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5 Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Clean Every Day

Charlotte Family Cleaning the KitchenYou probably spend a lot of time in your kitchen, like most Charlotte residents. This means that keeping your kitchen clean could be a challenge. A clean kitchen is ideal for cooking and getting together with family and friends. However, the majority of us don’t have the time to deep-clean the kitchen every day. We just want our kitchens to be clean and organized without investing too many hours each day to do so. Instead, these smart tips can help you start a kitchen routine to keep your things clean all day long.

  1. Put Away the Clean Dishes First

If you’re usually busy, it’s likely that your dishes are stacked up high on the drying rack before you even think of putting them away. To keep your kitchen clean, start by putting away all hand-washed dishes before you start on the dirty ones. This could be part of your meal preparation or the thing you do immediately after dinner.

  1. Run the Dishwasher Every Day

As you are putting away your clean dishes, you can empty your dishwasher at the same time. Make this step part of your routine by running your dishwasher every day instead of just when it gets full. It is ideal to run the dishwasher at the same time every day. You can do it after dinner or after you clean up the breakfast dishes. This way, it is always ready for the day’s dishes.

  1. Load the Dishwasher as You Go

To keep your kitchen clean, make sure you put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher right after using them. A lot of people leave their dirty dishes in the sink and try to clean them at the end of the day. Cleaning after every meal saves you time and keeps your sink clean.

  1. Keep Dishes Out of the Sink

Another strategy for keeping dirty dishes from stacking up in your sink is to use a plastic tub to collect them instead. Like in restaurants, these “bus bins” hold your dirty plates and utensils. You can set this bin to the side until you load all the dishes into the dishwasher. By doing this, your sink remains empty and your kitchen cleans all day.

  1. Tackle Pots and Pans First

When you cook, you often set aside your dirty pots and pans for cleaning later. However, here is a different approach that will help keep your kitchen clean. Try washing the pots and pans immediately instead of doing them last. This way you keep your kitchen fresh and clean.

By simply adopting new routines, you can keep a clean kitchen throughout the day. Do you want more tips for maintaining a clean and organized home? Visit Real Property Management Value’s blog or contact us online today!

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