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Keep Your Home Warm this Winter

Huntersville Tenant Warming Their Toes by the Cozy FireplaceFire Safety Tips You Need to Know

Seasonal fire hazards are as common in winter months as holidays. Since more people use fireplaces, candles, and even kitchen appliances during winter, incidents of residential fires also rise this time of the year. It helps to know some winter fire safety fundamentals so you can keep your Huntersville home and family safe. These simple tips can help you avoid the most common causes of winter fires and help ensure you have a safe and pleasant winter season.

A crackling fire is just what you need for a cozy winter night. But fireplaces should be used with care and cleaned often to ensure that flames don’t stray. One of the most important safety tips for using a fireplace is to clean it thoroughly before each use. You can prevent burns and property damage caused by sparks from hazards like ashes, built-up soot, and debris. Keeping your fireplace clean will ensure that you are safe whenever you warm yourself by the fire.

Aside from cleaning your fireplace, you should check that the damper is working properly and is open before you light your kindling. This gives good ventilation and will prevent smoke from filling your home’s interior. When the fire is lit, it should not be left unattended, and children and pets must be safely kept at a distance. Finally, be careful when removing ashes and unburned wood from a fireplace. Coals hidden under ashes can stay hot for up to three days, so stir ashes carefully and test for heat before you scoop them out. Also, don’t forget to do your annual chimney sweep to keep creosote deposits from ruining the festivities.

Life fireplaces, candles are a common source of residential fires. Although open flames create a cozy atmosphere, they should be used cautiously. According to the National Fire Protection Association, candles start an average of 7,610 home structure fires each year. To keep fire risk low, always keep lit candles away from anything flammable like curtains, houseplants, and home decor items. You should also never move a candle that still has melted wax pooling in the center as well as leaves any lit candle unattended. This way you can safely enjoy your candle-lit evenings.

Many of our winter holidays also mean lots of food. However, all that cooking also means that kitchen fires become much more common during winter. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, there are more than 189,000 cooking fires in the U.S. each year. Most of these fires are because of unattended food or kitchen appliances.

To avoid kitchen fires during the holidays, be sure to stay in the kitchen the entire time you are simmering or baking food. It is also important to set a timer so you will remember to remove food from the stove or oven once you are done cooking. Most cooking fires occur on stovetops, so it is best to keep flammable objects (including dish towels and other fabrics) away from the stove before turning the burners on. Spills or any overflowing food should also be cleaned up right away, and pots and pans should be in good condition.

Lastly, take extra care when frying in hot oil. Unattended pots of boiling water or oil are hazards especially when there are no lids nearby. If the oil starts to flame up, cover the pot with the lid, turn the heat off, and allow the stove and pot to cool down.

By following these tips, your winter season can be free from common fire hazards. Would you like to learn more safety tips for renters? We can help! Call 704-230-4074 to speak with a professional Huntersville property manager today.

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