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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Best Cat Breeds for Davidson Apartment Living

Russian Blue Cat Walking Around the Legs of Their OwnerCats are generally the pets that are better suited to Davidson apartment life. Aside from being eager cuddlers, they are also quite & clean. But there are some cat breeds that can thrive better in apartment living. Typically, these are the more social, lower-energy ones that are also very good at bonding with people. We list down seven breeds that we believe will thrive best in apartment-life.

British Shorthair

Short-haired, independent, and affectionate. What more would you look for in an apartment-friendly cat? Although they are usually low-key and can entertain themselves, British Shorthairs also love to play. Since they need very little grooming and they readily adapt to their owner’s lifestyle, they make excellent apartment pets.


If you are looking for a quiet, fluffy cat, the Persian might just be right for you. Beautiful and gentle, they prefer a long nap over rough play. Persians are about as mellow as it gets. They do well in apartments because they don’t need a big roaming space.

Scottish Fold

Scottish Folds suit apartment life because they are affectionate without being too clingy. They are usually very relaxed and don’t get too excitable or startled. Scottish Folds are intelligent and adaptable. They like routines and tons of affection.


If you are looking for big, beautiful, and sociable cat breeds, you might like the Ragdoll. Like their cousin, the Persians, they also have fluffy coats that need extra grooming. They have more energy than their fluffier cousins, though. Ragdolls love their people and are willing to play and snuggle with you for as long as you let them.

Russian Blue

If you are prone to allergies, the Russian Blue might be for you. These short-haired cats have fur that is less likely to trigger an allergy attack. There are also other reasons to pick a Russian Blue as an apartment companion. They are curious, playful, and very loyal to their favorite person.

American Shorthair

You won’t go wrong with picking an American Shorthair as a great family cat. These cats are very low-maintenance and love to take naps. They get along well with people of all ages and other pets, too. American Shorthairs are happy with a perch by a window and your best back-scratching skills. They make great long-term companions as they tend to live long lives.


Another breed with a long, silky coat, Birmans are the friendliest cats around. Birmans make wonderful apartment pets because they enjoy playing and cuddling. When they are not playing, you can find them either napping or grooming themselves. Having all that hair does need a lot of work.

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