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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Should You Allow Residents to Vape in Your Huntersville Rental Property?

Vaping Device Standing Next to a Mug of Hot CoffeeA rental home’s interior could be greatly damaged by cigarette smoke. This explains why smoking is usually prohibited inside or anywhere on the property of rental homes. Many Huntersville property owners make sure of this by including a clause in their lease documents that specify the ban on smoking.

The question then arises: What about vaping? The use of e-cigarettes as a substitute for smoking tobacco has greatly increased over the past few years. Many people think of vaping as a safe activity you can do for fun. Others even think of it as a way to quit smoking altogether since vaping is generally considered to be less harmful to a person’s health.

Despite the reputation it has, vaping isn’t actually as harmless as people believe it to be. The e-cigarettes and other vaping devices produce clouds of vapor that leave a filmy residue on anything they touch. Your walls, floors, and furniture could have this residue stuck to them. If you think about it, vapor can travel wherever air can inside a home including inside air vents and ductwork. This makes things complicated as problems in these areas could go undetected for months or even years.

The reason that vapor leads to trouble is that it isn’t water, but glycerin. It may resemble water since it’s clear, but it does not simply evaporate into the air. In fact, it is a bit oily. The emissions from an e-cigarette are more like aerosol gas than water vapor. It has particles that are composed of chemicals, flavoring, and preservatives. These particles stick to any surface it touches. Over time, these particles accumulate and create a thick film that is difficult— and expensive— to clean up.

When the film builds up on hard surfaces like windows or mirrors, they can be wiped down relatively easily. However, when they stick to other areas such as carpets, painted surfaces, and ductwork, they can’t be simply wiped clean. Cleaning the filmy residue that vaping leaves on surfaces like these takes a lot of time and money and it may permanently destroy some items.

For example, the vapor particles might stick to fabrics and carpets. Now, since they can’t be washed off with water, you may need to get professional cleaning many times in a year. Painted walls would be another challenge. These walls are porous because of the paint, and that means there are a lot of tiny little holes that vapor particles can get into. And this problem only escalates with the texture of your walls. The more textured they are, the more rapidly the sticky film gets into it. You would need to scrub the walls frequently, but the scrubbing itself could damage the paint.

With the risk of so much damage to your Huntersville rental home’s interiors, it would be wise to prohibit the use of e-cigarettes along with other forms of smoking. At Real Property Management Value, we perform regular property evaluations to check for signs of vaping inside your rental homes. Our expert property managers observe your properties closely, ensuring better lease compliance and keeping the value of your investment safe. If you have any questions, contact us online or call us directly at 704-230-4074.

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